Thursday, 11 March 2010

Whatever/New World of Love

On the night of Wednesday 10th-11th March 2010 I had a dream in which I saw the following poem. The poem was in a glass case in the corridor of a museum and was attributed to Gherasim Luca and dated 15th May 1945. It was next to a boxed object showing what looked like a series of semi-precious stones and abstract enamels titled "New World of Love" (the title of a work by Toyen I seem to remember, in turn derived from Fourier?)


I'll say yes to whatever
Because you are what you are
And it is
It is

Having woken and written all this down I felt compelled to also write the following:

New World of Love

All the wolves' throats are flowers
And the flowers are birds
And the birds are gems
Set in a case in a corridor
Perpetually at the point of being lost forever

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