Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I  want to try, once again, to restart this blog. I tried a year ago and got as far as a couple of posts and quietly forgot about it. A lot of things got in the way and obliterated the urge to write here. Well, not quite, but more pressing things occupied my attention for quite some time and it was often easier to post something very brief on Facebook and leave it at that.

You see, it was never a lack of things to say, but very often a surfeit of things that demanded to be said, that stumbled over each other to be said and somehow were all too often left unsaid. Rather paradoxical maybe, there  you go, that's life, or something approaching it.

A great deal has happened, I have moved house and have been struggling to afford my new home, not because it is really so expensive - although it is more expensive than anywhere else I have lived - but because it all happened at a time when my finances were depleted and everything cost so much, I needed furniture and kitchen gear and so on. I found myself making a lot more bread and my breadmaking skills have come on, I have even started making sourdough, which is rather fun and delicious to boot.

For the first time in my life I have actually joined  a political party, Left Unity. I have no faith any more in Labour, which has become increasingly right-wing over the years and find many of the small left parties rather ridiculous, so the advent of Left Unity seemed to me a breath of fresh air. Although it includes many disillusioned Labour people and many people from the marxist sects, it has also attracted many people who have not previously been party members of anything, but feel the need to be involved in trying to reformulate left politics and to defend the health service and indeed democracy which, to many of us, seems increasingly threatened. The so-called "Gagging Bill", about to become law, is an example of this.

So the question is, I suppose, not whether I can find something to say, but whether I can shape what I have to say here and find a way of entering into dialogue with a few people, making it worthwhile. It isn't enough to talk to oneself.

Really, this blogging is a funny business. It has elements of the diarist, the essayist, the polemicist. There's wonderful blogs like the Skint Foodie: http://www.theskintfoodie.com/, magical blogs like that of my friend Nicolaj de Mattos Frisvold: http://www.starrycave.com/ and I am rather distraught to see that the hilarious political blog What Would Trotsky Do? which satirised the far left deftly and very expertly while being of the left itself, has vanished without trace. Please come back, you are very much needed.

So maybe I will manage it this time. Perhaps I will manage something meaningful and avoid being pretentious and occasionally manage to be funny. If that fails I can always post a recipe.