Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Back to the blog

   I thought it was time I started writing things on this blog again. Of course, the internet is littered with dead blogs, and in many cases their death is unmourned, so I can only hope that if this one returns from the dead (or was it only sleeping?) it will not be met with utter indifference in every quarter.
   I have had plenty of time to reassess what it should be about. I am as prone as many to give vent to a little rant on the state of things, the world, the dreadful ConDem government, young people - young people??? - no, I am not quite that old yet. But I'm thinking there's areas I have not explored in writing and maybe I will be less boring than some and that in an age when the blog has become a universal Diary of a Nobody I won't become too Pooterish.
   So, poetry, photography, drawing and painting, art criticism, thoughts on surrealism, mythology, politics , architecture and wanderings, what else? Well, it will surely come to me as I proceed is it premature to say watch this space? We'll see...

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