Wednesday, 6 December 2017

I came to the conclusion that I feel an overwhelming sense of SHAME about this government. Now, anybody who knows me knows I am not any kind of nationalist, nor, by any stretch of the imagination, a conservative, but nevertheless I feel a sense of national shame as I never have done before. Not during unnecessary wars, recessions and depressions, never. Not even when Thatcher went for the miners, or years later when Major simply closed down the mines, not during the Winter of... Discontent or the bank crash of nearly ten years ago.
This is different to those late days of the Major government, when almost every week another minister would be wrecked by scandal, because, however venal they seemed, at least Kenneth Clarke appeared to be a reasonably competent Chancellor.
But now, now we see a massive concentration of incompetence and venery, malice and mismanagement at every level of government. It is a government at war with itself, in office but not in power, a national embarrassment that is actively harming us all, locally, nationally and internationally. They must go. They really must, must must go.

(The above was written only three days ago and the government has at least twice exceeded their grotesque incompetence in that time, the very latest event being the extraordinary deceit of David Davis over 58 non-existent impact assessments for Brexit. Dishonesty and arrogance fucking ove rthe corpse of mere incompetence.)

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