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Sarane Alexandrian

Matthias Forshage has posted something interesting on the late Sarane Alexadrian:

Matthias' blog is well worth reading for anybody interested in surrealism, often provocative and always intelligent, something to argue with on many occasions, but not dull. Something living.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Read this - or else!

Read this blog, there's plenty of good surrealist things here:

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Millenium - still relevant I think

come on
two thousand years
of humiliation
were not enough
for us?

let us
the third millenium

Wednesday, 5 August 2009




Here is a link to a blog for the London Surrealist Group:
Both we and the blog hav ebeen very quiet for some time, but we all seem to be waking up now, so keep an eye open and some exciting stuff might appear soon.

Two poems


Stuart Inman

The Savage Equation

(For Marie-Dominique Massoni)

I. This darkness allows nothing
But the clamour of eyes

II. Stifled gold
Like a frozen shout

III. There is a purple sky of flesh
As exposed
As the delicate filigree
Of a mirror lost in Hell


The joker in the pack of my heart
Was ruffled by a wind blowing from your eyes
And fell face up on the table

The lights were turned low and the songs of dead mermaids were hushed
So that all could see the silver traceries
Of tiny birds
Hunting the mice
Who chew at the cards
Until my heart is turned into agonized lace

Bile card

An interesting commentary by Trystn

See Trystn's blog here: for a very informative article on the idea of initiation in Traditional Craft.

Notes on an abandoned shoe

The photograph below is in some ways typical of my work for many years, excpet I usually work in black and white. I'm essentially interested in found objects and signs that change their meanings through different contexts including misuse, ageing, damage, becoming lost and so on. The series "Lost Steps" grew from a couple of shots of abandoned shoes that looked as if they were still functioning without their owners. The title came from a text by Andre Breton "Les Pas Perdu" - The Lost Steps.
I will post a couple more shots that appeal to me when I have a moment, although anybody interested can see some examples on my Flickr page here:
and one day I'll sort out the serious stuff from the holiday snaps.

Abandoned Shoe from the series: Lost Steps

First entry

I set up a blog once before and never used it, I'm hoping this will be a bit different. I might write on surrealism, politics, poetry, art, esotericism or maybe photography, food or any other obssession. I hope to communicate something of worth from time to time and perhaps annoy a few people.